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Diagnostics and Electrics 

We would like to say that C.M.P Autos has the ultimate next generation diagnostic tool, but it isn't true! We have several really good ones!

The phrase "diagnostics" has become a catchphrase whenever dealing with the technical systems on cars these days, but it is actually a bit of a misnomer. The tools don't actually diagnose anything. When a vehicle has a problem, it's onboard computers make a note of that in for form of a standard set of codes. The tools read these codes and display them, usally along with a brief description of the problem. Most high end tools like ours can look at the information the various computers pass around in real time, and actuaste certain components to see if they are functioning correctly. Once all this information is collected, our technicians can diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently.

As code reading, data collecting, actuating programming tool is a bit of a mouthfull, we will just call it diagnostics like everyone else.


Why do you need more than one tool, why not just get the one ultimate tool?

A few reasons

  • C.M.P Autos is a very busy workshop, usually working on multiple vehicles at any one time, our technicians can't be waiting for the tool to become available
  • Tool manaufacturers seem to have concentrated more on certain brands of vehicle than others. By choosing tools from a few of the industry leaders, we think we have excellant coverage up to dealer level, for all vehicles that come into the workshop

  • Does erasing the code and turning off any warning lights repair the vehicle?

  • Sadly no, erasing codes does not magically repair a fault. However, if say a vehicle has been stood for a while, like so many are in these current times and the battery gets low, this can be enough to turn on a warning light. If the codes are erased and the vehicle is now used normally, then that fault condition should not re-occur. In general though, the warning lights will stay off until the fault returns. This could be instantaneous or after some time when a certain condition is met.

  • You just repaired a fault but now the warning light is back on, did you not repair it propoerly?

  • Unfortunately there are hundreds of faults that can cause the warning lights to come on, but only two or three lights to indicate a problem. For just this reason, we usually make a note of the fault codes so we can show the customer that a different problem has occured.

  • If you own the equipment why is there a notable charge for diagnostics?

  • We make a nominal charge for the use of the tool and the time it takes for the technician to perforn any tests, but the largest part of the cost is because professional level scan tools like ours have regular udates. There is a considerable charge to us, sometimes into the £1000's for each tool for these subscritions. Considering the tens of thousands of man hours, huge investments in research and developement and the testing the manufacturer has to do to constantly improve the software and add new functionality to many makes of vehicle, we believe the fraction of this cost we include in the service is very reasonable
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