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Air Conditioning  

When the new refrigerant 1234YF became mandatory in all vehicles manufactured from January 2017 C.M.P Autos invested in the equipment to service these new systems.

At present we are still one of the few local independant garages that have the equipment necessary to work on the newer vehicles.

An aircon re-gas starts from £35 + the gas used priced per gram. As the price of the gas changes frequently, please call for our current price.


The two gases R134 and 1234YF are not interchangeable. It is also against the law to put the old gas into a new system

There is a big difference in cost between the old and new gas. The price for each gas is per gram.

Unfortunately it is not possible to know how much gas a system needs just by connecting the equipment, so an acqurate estimate is not possible. However there is a method we can use to determine the amount of gas needed, but we have to make a small charge for that.

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